How to make cotton sheets with your sewing machine

You’ve been dreaming about cotton sheets since you were a child.

Now that you’re old enough to have grown up, you can use your sewing machines to make your own cotton sheets.

We’re talking about cotton lycras and wool flannel sheets here, and you can get some great ideas from this tutorial by our sister site.

To make cotton lycares and woolflannel sheets, start by gathering up your favorite sheets you want to use as a base for making your cotton sheets from your favorite materials.

Here’s how: 1.

Choose a soft, fluffy, and absorbent material to knit your cotton.

We like to use cotton for its softness and feel, but if you’re using wool for your project, feel free to use wool for the fabric too.

We used a thick wool blend that felt and felt great, and we ended up with soft cotton sheets that felt a bit heavy.

If you’re going to knit cotton, get a good gauge, so you know exactly how much material you’ll need to knit.


Place your knitted fabric on a work surface.


Place a small sheet of wool or cotton over your work surface and cover it with the cotton sheet.


Begin knitting with your needle or stitch marker.

Your cotton sheet will begin to rise and expand, which will allow you to knit it easier.


As your cotton sheet begins to expand, knit a new stitch in the middle of your new row.


As the new stitch is added to the previous row, knit the next stitch in that row, and so on.

Your finished cotton sheet is now complete.

Your knitting is done, and now you can turn to the next step to make the finished cotton lyra.

This is when you will attach the finished lyra to your fabric.

We recommend attaching your cotton lycan to a work bench or work table, so that the fabric will stay flat on the table.

To attach the lyra, we first laid the fabric flat, then knitted the first stitch, then continued to knit the second stitch.

We then wrapped the yarn around the fabric and secured it to the work surface using a loop.

The end result is that your finished cotton sheets will stay in place when they’re folded.

If your finished lycres and lyra are a little heavier than you would like them to be, simply wrap them in a fleece or wool blanket and place them on your work table.


When you’re finished, remove the folded cotton sheet from the work table and hang it up.

This will allow the lycros to stay attached to your project.


Repeat for all the finished fabric pieces.