Which cotton candy grape will be the best to harvest in the U.S.?

A farmer in rural Arkansas said he’ll be harvesting grapes to make candy corn.

The cotton candy corn craze is spreading as growers around the country seek to make money, and the fruit of the sweet grape is one of the hottest.

The Washington Post is not naming the farm because it’s considered illegal.

But the grapes are the best grape to harvest, said John Kostovitz, a farmer who is president of the Georgia-based Grape Growers Association of America.

The crop’s popularity is partly because the grape is a perennial and the grapes don’t need to be watered, Kostowits said.

It’s also a sweet and nutritious crop that can be grown year round, he said.

There are many varieties of cotton candy and some are hardier than others, Kowits added.

The hardest grape varieties are grown in southern states.