‘We were all just waiting for the rain’: Aussie parents and their daughters discuss cotton bowl 2020

Australian parents and daughters are sharing a common experience of cotton bowl, and its possible it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

Cotton bowl, a new Australian cotton bowl that has become so popular it’s being sold in stores across the country, has been the subject of controversy in recent weeks, with a number of parents accusing the bowl of making them ill.

A number of the people who were upset by the bowl’s marketing, including a woman in her 60s, have spoken out on social media.

“Cotton Bowl is a horrible product that should never have been made,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

“There’s a good chance it could lead to more than one child dying of H5N1 influenza.”

“Crazy that you think it’s good for you and your children and that’s what you’re buying,” another woman wrote.

“I’m not going to buy this, this is sickening and disgusting.”

A number, like this woman, were quick to point out that the bowl wasn’t made by a medical device company, and that the Australian government doesn’t regulate the use of pharmaceuticals.

A statement from Australian Health said that the industry was “reviewing all information surrounding the use and marketing of cotton bowls”.

“This is an industry issue, and we will work with our industry partners to ensure that we can support the safety and well-being of Australian consumers,” the statement read.

“We understand the concerns raised by Australian consumers and their families, and have worked closely with the industry to work through this.

We continue to support the Australian Government’s work to ensure our cotton bowl industry is free of unnecessary and harmful pharmaceuticals.”ABC/ReutersTopics:vaccination-and-immunity,health,vaccination,crispusan-burt,york-2430,southport-4215,vic,australiaFirst posted May 23, 2020 19:40:06Contact Sarah HarrisonMore stories from New South Wales