Cotton gin inventor joins new company – TalkSport

Cotton gin was invented by the Cotton Company in New Orleans in 1851 and has since been a staple of the Louisiana landscape.

The company was later bought by John and Mary Patterson and expanded to include a cotton gin in New York in the late 1800s.

Today the Cotton Gin Company distributes cotton gin, but in the 1940s, a company known as Cotton Gin & Sons purchased the business and made Cotton Gin a national brand.

In 2017, John and Martha Patterson and their son, John Patterson Sr., purchased the Cotton gin business, and the family renamed the company Cotton Gin and Sons.

In 2018, the family announced plans to open a new plant, which would create jobs and expand the family’s presence in Louisiana.

Now the company plans to move its manufacturing to a new facility in Jackson, Mississippi, and expand its business.

The new company plans on expanding its products to include other cotton products, including gin and wine.

“We want to be the largest supplier of gin in the world,” said Cotton Gin Sr. In addition to making gin, Cotton Gin will be the manufacturer of other gin and other distillers in the United States.

“Our gin is a very important ingredient in a lot of our recipes,” said John Patterson, Jr. The Cotton gin and distiller company plans not to use the old factory that was once the Cotton Factory, as it’s located in the old plantation.

“The old Cotton factory was a really big warehouse that had a large glass enclosure and it was really hot.

We’ll be doing our own renovations and moving to a smaller building,” said Paterson.

The family has been trying to find a way to make gin without chemicals or other contaminants, and they’re hopeful that the new facility will be a step in the right direction.