How to make your own cotton underwear

A man has invented a pair of underwear that he claims will save the lives of women suffering from chronic diarrhoea.

The man, identified as Manoj, claims the cotton underwear is made from recycled cotton rounds and it can also be made in different colours to make it a custom fit for a woman.

The underwear is called “Cotton Bikini” and it comes with a custom made blanket queen.

It was made from a combination of recycled cotton and recycled paper rounds.

He claims that the blanket queen is also able to be made from the cotton and can be reused.

He told news agency AFP, “I used recycled paper for the blanket but the cotton rounds are very tough and can survive.

This material is also a durable and waterproof material.”

It’s also a very light weight, can be worn for hours.

It is a great invention for the women with chronic diarrhoeal disease.

“The man is also offering the product for free on his website.