China’s cotton candy is going to cost about $5 billion a year

China is planning to spend more than $5.3 billion on cotton candy over the next five years, according to Chinese state media, making it the biggest food-and-beverage company in the world.

That is more than the $4.6 billion the company spent last year on cotton, according the Economic Times, citing Chinese financial news outlet Xinhua.

China is a major consumer of the candy, with its population of about 5.4 billion, according Xinhua, and has a thriving cotton industry.

That has allowed it to become a major food exporter, with more than 90% of the world’s cotton exported.

Chinese companies also make products that have been exported to the U.S. such as cotton candy and cotton clothing.

China also produces a lot of alcohol.

In 2014, the country produced more than 1.2 trillion liters of alcohol, which is almost 20 times the nation’s current annual production of beer, Xinhua reported.

In the past year, China has been hit by a string of deadly incidents involving alcohol-related deaths.

The nation also has a booming tea and coffee industry that accounts for nearly a quarter of the global market, according China’s official Xinhua news agency.