Cotton panties and overalls for £1 on sale online at Cotton Outfitters

Cotton overalls and cotton panties for a cool £1.30 at

The clothing company said the item was part of its “cotton lingerie” range.

They come in a range of colours, from light cotton to heavy cotton, and are priced at £1,295.00 each.

It’s a popular item among lingerie fans who want to add a little more flair to their wardrobe, especially if you’re a fan of bright colours.

“We also offer the Cotton Panties and overall for a great price,” said a Cotton Outlet spokesman.

“Our cotton panties range includes both a traditional and modern look, and they come in both a classic and casual style, so they’re great for women of all sizes.”

The Cotton Pantie and Overall range is now available online from Cotton Outlets online store, and in stores across the UK and Ireland.