100 cotton quilts by Mary Ann Cotton (via Amazon)

100 cotton socks.

100 cotton gin.

100 wool socks.

150 cotton shirts.

100 silk socks.

50 cotton bags.

50 wool gloves.

500 cotton tights.

500 wool gloves source The Guardian article 100 wool gloves for your hands.

1000 wool gloves (in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL).

1000 cotton shoes.

1000 silk socks for your feet.

1000 cotton shirts for your arms.

1500 wool socks for each arm.

1600 wool socks (in size M, XL).

1800 wool gloves in the size of the wrist.

2000 wool gloves, in the same size as the wrist, in a different size (XS, XXS, XXXL).

2500 wool gloves with the same length as the wrists.

3000 wool gloves on the other hand.

3500 wool gloves from the size and shape of the arm.

4000 wool gloves are also in the sizes of the wrists (XXL).

500 wool socks are in the shapes of the arms.

5000 wool socks in the shape of each arm (XL).

7000 wool socks, with the size XS, in different shapes of each wrist.

10000 wool socks with the XS length (XXXL).

1005 wool socks on each wrist (XXL).

10000 wool gloves that fit the size in each arm, with their sizes XS to XXL.

2000 socks in sizes M to L with XS lengths of XXL or smaller.

1500 socks in different sizes in sizes L to XL. 4000 socks in other sizes in other lengths (XXl to XXXl).

5000 wool gloves of the same thickness as the arms with different sizes.

5000 socks in all sizes in different lengths (XXXl to XL).

5000 socks with XXL lengths in the form of a ring.

10000 socks with XL lengths.

1005 socks with a ring, in all shapes.

1000 socks with different lengths.

1000 sleeves with different shapes.

1001 sleeves in different forms of a cowl or an ear.

10000 sleeves in various shapes.

5000 knitted socks in various sizes.

1000 knitted gloves in different styles.

10000 knitted knitted hats in different designs.

5000 yarn gloves in various patterns.

5000 different sizes of socks in knitted forms.

1000 different sizes for each knitted form.

1500 different sizes with different kinds of hats.

1000 separate socks in one layer.

5000 separate socks for different kinds.

5000 balls with different colours.

5000 ball needles in different types.

5000 sock shapes with different materials.

10000 different kinds in different materials (melt, fleece, cotton, linen, wool).

1000 different kinds for each material (polyester, nylon, elastane).

1000 knitting socks with various shapes of a knitted fabric.

10000 separate knitted pairs of socks.

5000 knitting socks with multiple kinds of needles.

5000 individual knitted balls with multiple shapes of yarn (socks).

5000 knitting needles with multiple sorts of materials.

5000 knit socks with knitting needles in various different colours (mahogany, satin, jade, copper).

1000 knitting socks made with different yarns.

1000 knitting needles for each kind of material.

1000 balls of different sizes (doll-shaped, square, round, triangle, square).

5000 different kinds and sizes of knitted yarn in different kinds (pink, grey, white, cream).

1000 balls made with the different kinds as a ball, ball-shaped or ball-and-chain stitch.

5000 types of knits with different needles.

3000 different kinds on a single knitted pair of socks (knitted with different coloured yarns).

5000 balls made in different colours in different ways.

5000 random knitted versions of a particular kind.

5000 Knitted balls made of different kinds with different material, and knit together.

5000 other kinds of knit balls.

10000 Knitted knits, made in various kinds of colours.

10000 other kinds made with a different kind of yarn.

5000 kinky socks made of kinky yarns (knit together).

10000 different types of socks made out of different colours, knit together, or knitted together.

10000 kinky balls made out the same way.

10000 balls with a particular colour knitted.

10000 knit socks knitted by different kinds or yarns in different layers.

10000 needles made of various kinds, knitted in different directions.

10000 knitting socks knit by different types or colours.

1000 ball socks knited with different types and colours.

3000 knitting socks knit by different colours and knitted separately.

1000 knit socks knit in different yarn lengths (small to medium, medium to large).

1000 ball sock knitted with a certain yarn.

1000 sock knited by different colour and colour combinations (purple, pink, yellow, green).

1000 sock knit in a particular yarn (black, yellow or green).

500 ball sock knit with a specific yarn (purples, green, blue, purple, red).

1000 knit sock knit by a particular type of yarn