New Jersey wool, cotton, wool pants, sweatpants available at farmers markets

The latest crop of wool, wool overalls and cotton, and a variety of other fabrics for women’s and men’s wear will be available at several farmers markets across New Jersey starting Friday, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture announced.

Agriculture Department spokesman Scott Feltgen said farmers markets, which are scheduled to begin at the beginning of the week, will continue through the end of October. 

Wool, wool and cotton overall and wool and linen pant are on sale for $9.99 a pound.

The men’s wool pant is $11.99 and is available for $20.50 a pair.

Women’s wool sweatpants are $8.99.

Feltgen told reporters Friday that the wool, the wool overall and the cotton pant are available to buy at the New York Farmers’ Market, the state’s largest. 

“It’s a great way to start the year,” he said.

The cotton, which is available at all farmer’s markets, is available in different sizes, and prices vary depending on the size of the cotton and the size and shape of the fabric.

The size of a cotton pant is smaller than a wool overall, so that’s why we’re doing it with these sizes.

“Feltgens said that if you want to buy a cotton cotton pant size 2.5, you will pay $2.50.

He said that cotton pant sizes 1.5 to 3.5 and wool overall sizes 1 to 3 will be on sale Friday, and the wool pant sizes 4 to 5 will be sold in November. 

He said that the size 6 and 7 cotton pant, which has the largest variety, will be priced at $15. 

The wool and the men’s cotton will be offered at the same price as the wool and overalls.

Feltgends said that all the other items will be selling for $1 a pound, the same as the price of a loaf of bread.