Why women’s cotton night gowns might be better than men’s

Men’s cotton and wool nightgrooms might not be the best choice for women, but they are better than the alternatives, says a new study that shows why women’s nightwear is a better choice than men.

Women who wore cotton nightguides had lower risk of coronary heart disease and died less than those who wore wool nightguiding.

The findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found that cotton nightwear, which covers the entire body, was associated with a 30 percent lower risk for death from coronary heart failure, compared to wool nightwear.

Wool, by contrast, has a 50 percent lower chance of mortality.

It was also associated with lower risk in women who had an eating disorder, had a history of stroke, or had a high blood pressure.

In an editorial accompanying the study, Dr. Joseph S. Lichtman, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, said cotton nightwears were “better than wool” because they were not made of synthetic fibers like wool or cotton.

Womens cotton and men’s wool are made from the same plant, but the fabrics are made differently, Dr, Lichtmans said in an email.

Wools are soft, fluffier, have a longer and thinner thread and have a higher weight.

Cotton has more of a fine thread that can be broken easily.

Women can wear cotton night dresses and wigs, but it’s not clear whether they wear them as much as men, said Dr. Litchman, who was not involved in the study.

Warm, warm cotton nightshirts with matching wigs that match a woman’s dress look good, Dr Lichtmann said, but a wool evening gown can look better.

The difference between wool and cotton may be because wool is more resistant to breakage than cotton, he said.

Warming wool in the evening with a wool nightcap can help protect the wearer against the cold, Dr Gautam Jha, a professor of health sciences at Harvard University, said in a news release.

A wool evening dress with a hood over the neck can help cool down.

Women may also find it easier to dress with wool in a cold weather.

A wool evening hat can also help prevent a blizzard from forming.

A scarf, a hooded cap or other hat is a good accessory, Dr Jha said.