What’s new in cotton for 2018?

This year’s cotton crop is far from over, and farmers have a lot to be excited about.

This is one of the best years for cotton in a while, as we’ve seen cotton yield and prices rise.

Here’s what you need to know about the new year.

What are the big cotton issues?

While the cotton harvest is over, many farmers will still need to apply the new seed coatings to their cotton plants.

That’s a big job, and we’re all about efficiency here at Cotton Matters, so we’ve compiled a list of the biggest issues facing growers this year.

Here are some of the big issues we’ll be focusing on:What’s the best cotton seed for 2018?: Here’s a look at the best seed to use for 2018:The biggest cotton issues that we’re hearing from growers are:1.

More frequent weed infestations: Many farmers have reported that weed infests have become more frequent this year, which means a lot more cotton plants will need to be sprayed.

This can be a major hassle if you have multiple cotton plants in your home, so it’s important to be sure you apply the correct seed coating on each plant.

If you don’t have a spray booth, you can use a sprayer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need the right seed to do the job.

If you do have a sprayer, here’s what to do:1) Start with a mix of the right seeds.

It’s not necessarily the same seed you want to apply to all your cotton plants, so you can choose from different varieties of cotton seed if you want.2) Use a cotton soil to apply seed.

You can also use a soil with a little extra fiber added to it, which will help prevent weed growth.

You’ll want to use cotton soil with lots of nutrients to ensure the seeds don’t become moldy and hard to germinate.3) Use the right sprayer for the right job.

Sprayers come in a wide range of sizes, and the best ones for this job are the ones that can be used with a single cotton plant.

You may want to try some of these sprays from Amazon:1.)

The Ritzy 1 with the spray nozzle (Amazon)2.)

The Bigger is Better (Amazon.com)3.)

The Next Generation of Sprayers (Amazon.)4.)

Spray with the Right Sprayer (Amazon/Hex)5.)

The Ultimate Cotton Sprayer with the Best Fade Control and Spray Protection (Amazon).6.)

The Best Sprayer for the Right Application (Amazon )If you’re new to sprayer technology, check out this list of helpful resources:Sprayer technology isn’t new to cotton, either.

There’s also a few other ways to help protect your plants from weed.

Here is some more information on what these tools can do: